Saturday, June 5, 2010

Minimalist Training

I've been really low on time recently (seems that way a lot) and that means I’ve had less and less time to squeeze in my training. I've been forced to make some compromises and drop quite a bit form my usual routine. So, I picked two conditioning drills and two Martial Skill drills to work on until I get some more time in my schedule. I already decided ahead of time that my levels of raw strength most likely won't increase during this time and I'm alright with that, since I won't be losing any strength either.

Martial Skill Drills -
1. San Ti / Tiger Xing (an internal power builder that alternates 1-2 minutes of San Ti standing w/ 10-20 reps Xingyi's Tiger Xing drill) - 10 minutes
2. Heavy Bag - 5, 2 min. rounds
* On the weekends I usually get a few rounds of sparring and grappling in.

Conditioning Drills -
1. Burpees (Squat, Pushup, explosive jump combo) - 100-200 reps
2. Snatches w/ a 24kg kettlebell - 100-200 reps

Enter the Kettlebell!
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Every day I work both Martial Skill Drills and it takes me a little over 20 minutes. I follow that up with either the Burpees or the Snatch which can take anywhere between 4.5 - 10 minutes (I try to decrease the time it takes to complete the conditioning drills each week so I can improve my work capacity). At first, I really thought my fighting skills would suffer but this hasn’t been the case at all. I believe this is due to the high level of focus on and volume with relatively few training drills. I really encourage anyone to take up such a minimalist regimen some time I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Train Hard!

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