Thursday, October 14, 2010

Classic: Andy Hug Vs. Cro Cop Highlights!

I found this great highlight between Mirko "Cro Cop" and one of my favorite fighters of all time: Andy Hug.

It is really great to see the respect these to fighters have for each other - especially when Cro Cop used an axe kick on Hug (that kick was Hug's signature move).

Great fight. Great Fighters. Enjoy the highlights.

Train Hard,
Josh Skinner (donjitsu2)


  1. Hello! I am a friend of Kendamu's and he suggested I get in contact with you. I have been tryign to get in shape for a long time, and finally really applying myself so I am looking for advice.

  2. @Tatawake - I'd be more than happy to help you any way I can. Feel free to use the comments section here or email me at: