Monday, November 29, 2010

Take the Poll: Have You Ever Been in a Street Fight or Other Violent Encounter?

This blog is about enhancing your fighting skill set. Not for fitness, finding "ultimate truth", or competition, but for those times when you might have actually use that skill set to defend yourself or others.

Well, I want you guys to take the poll to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I want to know how many of the visitors to (Un)Caged Fighter have actually been involved in a real fight.

I'd also really like to hear your story. Use the comments section to tell us about a time you experienced real violence. Did you run? Fight back? Talk your way out?

Let us hear about it and don't be shy.

Train Hard,
Josh Skinner (donjitsu2)


  1. Just once, back in high school. The guy was a complete nutcase and was throwing hard hits at my head. But because I was two years older, I knew that if I fought back and won I'd probably be expelled. I just went defensive - protected my head until I saw an opportunity for a takedown and then I tried to restrain him on the ground. Some of his buddies then attacked me while I had him held down, but some of my friends pulled them off me. At that point even though the main guy jumped back up and was ready to go some more, I just held out my hand and said "Just relax man, that's enough, it's over" and he seemed to calm down, so I walked off. It obviously wasn't the most violent and potentially dangerous situation, but it wasn't just push and shove either. He was definitely trying to do damage.

  2. In the 90s I worked in two prisons for a total of four years, so yes! (I have since changed careers)

    Most of what I did were cell extractions (5 man teams) or breaking up inmate fights. Our general rule was to respond to altercations with 3-5 staff. One important lesson: No matter how trained you are, 3-5 staff or inmates can and probably will put you down.

    I was pretty good (and lucky!) re: one-on-one altercations. I was not a knuckle-dragging ego freak who liked to start fights with inmates. I was also pretty darn fair to the inmates so this translated into me not having to throw down with idiots. (some correctional officers where always getting into scraps)

    Exuding confidence and some decent verbal skills will cause most predators to leave you alone. I'm living proof of this. There is that 10% of criminal element who will attack no matter what. Here you have to be prepared. In my example I was always able to bring multiple officers into the equation when dealing with that 10%.

    The other big lesson: Most of your training probably will fall apart under pressure in a real scrap. We had officers who dabbled in boxing, wrestling other martial arts, etc.

    The simple stuff is usually what you will remember and many times we had officers who were great in class training, end up looking like drunken brawlers when dealing with inmates in a fight.

  3. @Samuel - Sounds like you did the right thing. No need to stomp a mud hole in someone's ass when you don't have to.

    @Bob - Definatly right about the simple stuff. Kind of related to Hick's Law (fewer choices = faster response).

    Also, I totally know what your talking about with the 10% of criminals thing.

    I used to do Loss Prevention/Retail security. The vast majority of people I stopped simply came back to the office without a fuss and most of those that didn't simply dropped the merchandise and ran. It was a very small minority that would fight when approached.

  4. Yes, I have been in a few.

    In my first fight, I was attacked by 3 people. I was clobbered around the head in high school and unfortunately broke in front of an entire high school year level. This was a consequence of me being a liar at school. I didnt fight back at the time because I had no fight experience.

    My second fight was with a fella by the name of Michael Hobday who accused me of stealing his wallet. I tried to talk my way out this situation but instead ended up with a broken nose. At that time I also did not know how to fight and therefore realised I couldnt take down someone with more street fighting experience than me.

    My third fight was at a party. I was walking with a girl and had recently shaved my head. 2 thugs were walking down the opposite side of the road at night and one called out "Hey romper stomper" - the next thing I feel is a hook punch go into the back of my head and this guy grab me. I removed him from me and distanced myself into the middle of the road and began walking backward.

    At this time I didnt know how to fight AS WELL as I do now, so when I was walking down the middle of the road, I noticed his friend came around and they both approached me. I chose to run at this point not having the confidence to fight 2 people at once.

    The good thing about that situation was that I walked away for a good reason. Around the corner was a whole crew of them, so it could have ended badly for the entire party if I did do something.

    Most of my street fight experiences have happened between the ages of 15 - 20. Other than this, my fights have not happened for a while. I have witnessed a few street fights. One was where 2 black guys at a school fate(Sp?) where in a ring of people belting each other black and blue. There technique was crap and nothing was really connecting.

    The second one I was with a friend on a drug deal and he was dealing to a huge NZ fella who has literally 3 times the size of him. My friend at the time was a small asian dude, and this fella buying the drugs decided to let loose with 3 hook punches belting the crap out of asian friend. He stole the drugs and walked away. My friend ended up with blood all down his top and face and thats when I realised training hard was going to be essential.

    That last 2 scenes happened around when I was 21-22.

    Competition fights I have had a couple - fought a stocky black guy that couldnt hit me, I blocked everything he threw bar one punch and in essence one the fight. My second comp fight was with a guy same height and approximate weight, and I spent a good 45 seconds out of a 2 min round belting the crap out of him around a ring. He told me at the end of the fight he had never been hit that hard. Those last 2 fights happened when I was around 24-25. Its nice to know you CAN fight when you have to.

    I train full on now, and have movements most people will not be able to see. My system I created out of what I felt was necessity is actually both a health system and a self defence system. I havent had to fight for a while as I can pick the trouble before it happens. Anyway, take it easy mate.

  5. yes I was a brawler for 3yrs before I reformed and gave up my anger and seriously practiced martial arts.