Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jackie Chan vs Chuck Norris - The Lyrical Battle of DOOM!


Usually when our favorite Martial Arts Action Stars make forays into different genres the results are, at best, mediocre and at worst they are utter failures.

Mark Dacascos' dancing career and Steven Seagal's energy drink line are the most prominent examples in my mind.

Yet there are other times when our martial heroes take a break from snapping necks and roundhouse kicking fools in the face to create something magical.

I'm talking of course about the musical stylings of two of the greatest martial arts action stars on the planet:

Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris!

Now, anyone who has ever watched a single episode of Walker: Texas Ranger (why you you would only watch one episode is beyond me though) knows that Chuck "The Almighty" Norris is responsible for the show's theme song.

And is it any wonder? I mean the man can UN-scramble an egg. His tears cure cancer. He counted to infinity - twice!

There isn't anything the man can't do.

But I would bet few know of Jackie Chan's musical talent.

It's true. The guy who put the "Man" in Mandarin and the "Can" in Cantonese has a pretty decent set of pipes. His version of I'll Make a Man Out of You  from Disney's Mulan is actually...well, epic.

The question is: Who is the better vocalist?

Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan?

Check out the videos below and leave your vote in the comments section:

Train Hard,
Josh Skinner


  1. Mandarin is not Jackie's native language, I think. With ten(?) albums so far, he is an experienced singer, at least.

    Jackie is the big winner, versus Norris' spoken word performance.

  2. There is a version in Cantonese, but I liked the Mandarin better.

    I love Chuck but I'll have to agree - Jackie has got him beat when it comes to singing.