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The Truth About the Lin Kong Jing (part 1)

Everything You'll Ever Need to Know About "The Powerful Empty Force".
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At least once a week I get an email from someone asking me about the Lin Kong Jing.

Due to the fact that I frequent several martial arts forums many know that I study the Lin Kong Jing.

It isn't a secret that the Lin Kong Jing is a controversial topic in martial arts circles. So, typically, I either refer them to Paul Dong's book  or I just tell them to do a lot of zhan zhuang.

I have recently come to believe that such a response will no longer cut it.

So, over the next few weeks I'll be publishing several posts that will shed more light on the realities of the Lin Kong Jing and outline the entire training method.

Hopefully, this will satisfy the masses. :)

What is the Lin Kong Jing?

The Lin Kong Jing literally means "Powerful Empty Force".

Specifically, the term refers to a skill in which one is able to use his or her "Qi" in a fighting context. The "Qi" energy of the Lin Kong Jing practitioner is used to push, pull, or in some other way incapacitate a would be assailant - all without touching them (the "Powerful Force" is able to travel over "Empty" space).

It also refers to the zhan zhuang/qigong training method used to build the skill.

For sometime the Lin Kong Jing skill was considered by many to be a legend.

In fact, in his book Empty Force, Paul Dong lists Yang Luchan, Gou Yun Shen, and Wang Xiangzhai (this is disputed) as some of the many famous martial artists to have mastered the Lin Kong Jing ability.

However, in recent times there have been several individuals claiming to posses the skill and yet were unable to demonstrate the skill under pressure.

This has led many to believe that the Lin Kong Jing is either simply a hoax or that only the delusional would claim to have such an ability.

Yet, there are still others who believe that the skill is real and that it is the ultimate weapon for any martial artist - those who truly possess the skill don't advertise that they have the skill.

As I'll discuss later, the truth may be somewhere in between these two extremes

Finding a Master of the Lin Kong Jing -

I learned Lin Kong Jing style zhan zhuang from Sifu Charles Dragoo (a student of Richard Mooney).

I first met sifu Dragoo at a Qigong class.

At the time I was under the impression that Qigong was more like yoga and would be useful in helping me recover after training (I was training in a Korean/Japanese based art at the time).

During the class sifu Dragoo would make references to how this skill or that skill would be useful in a fight.

I was pretty confused by these statements because all we were doing were simple movement exercises and standing postures. So, after the class I stepped aside with sifu Dragoo and asked him to explain further what he meant.

In all honesty, I thought he was full of shit.

So, he gave me a little demo of the Lin Kong Jing skill.

During the demo sifu Dragoo was able to push and pull me backwards and forwards as well as move my arm away from him as I was holding a practice knife against his throat - all without touching me.

I knew what I felt during that demo and I was seriously impressed. I've been a student of his ever since.

 Through him I've learned the Lin Kong Jing Zhan Zhuang method, Taiji Ruler Nei Gong, and Xingyiquan.

I want to point out that throughout our training together he always stressed how important it was to actually know how to fight because the Lin Kong Jing skill wasn't meant to be, as both he and Richard Mooney put it, an "end all, be all" skill.

During that initial demonstration and through subsequent demonstrations I noticed a few things that I found peculiar and very interesting.

For one, I noticed that it was a very real force - I could definately feel it. However, it wasn't truly "powerful". I mean, I could resist it if I tried.

These things and others prompted me to do a little personal research. I think you'll be intrigued to see what I found.

Read Part 2 Here!

Train Hard,

Josh Skinner

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