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The Truth about the Lin Kong Jing (part 2)

How strong is your Qigong?
"Is the Lin Kong Jing Real?"
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Last week I talked about my background with the Lin Kong Jing.

This week I want to talk about some observations and some research related to the Lin Kong Jing.

Hopefully, at the end of this post you'll have a better understanding of how the "Powerful Empty Force" ability may work.

First though, I'd like to start off with some personal observations.

The Lin Kong Jing Experience.

As I said last week, whenever sifu Dragoo would "project" the Empty Force at me I could definitely feel it - there was no doubt it was a real force.

And I wasn't alone. All of Dragoo's students could feel it. We could even feel it when we projected at each other (though the strength of the "force" was much less pronounced). Interestingly, we all reported the force actually feeling the same way.

Virtually every single person who has actually experienced the Lin Kong Jing describes the energy as feeling "magnetic".

Now, when I say "magnetic" some of you may not understand exactly what I mean.

So, I want you to imagine as though you are holding a magnet in each hand and the magnets are either pushing or pulling on each other.

That's the feeling. When someone is using the Lin Kong Jing to push or pull you it really does have a magnetic quality - though, even the pushing and pulling of a "strong" Lin Kong Jing practitioners is fairly weak when compared to a real magnet.

But why would the energy have a magnetic quality to it?

The Science of Qi

As I explained in part 1, the traditional definition given for the Lin Kong Jing is the act of using one's Qi to push, pull, or otherwise harm an attacker.

But what exactly is Qi?

For a long time the idea of Qi energy was considered some sort of mystical life-force that existed invisibly all around us and within us. Especially here in the West, the concept of Qi carried a lot of spiritual/religious baggage.

During the middle to late twentieth century however, new research into Acupuncture, External Qi Therapy, Tai Chi, and Qigong (pronounced "chee-gong") offered many important insights into the nature of this energy we call "Qi".

Perhaps one of the most important findings to come out of this research was that the energy known to the Chinese as "Qi" was in reality the bioelectromagnetic energy all living organisms produce. Yang, Jwing Ming and Randall L. Waechter have both done excellent jobs summarizing the research into human bio-energy and Qi.

Based on the voluminous amounts of research into human Bioelectricity (Qi) we know:

1. That the human body produces an easily measurable electrical current and magnetic field (also known as bioelectromagnetic fields) do to the the electrical activity of the heart, brain/nervous system, and the piezoelectric effect of bones and various other connective tissue.

2. These bioelectromagnetic currents are ESSENTIAL to our survival - thought, speech, perception, organ function, locomotion, tissue regeneration, ect... are all guided by bioelectric (Qi) activity.

3. The bioelectormagnetic fields our bodies produce radiate out from us - infinitely.

4. A person's mood, proprioception, sense of direction, and even vision are all affected by external electromagnetism.

5. There is a significant amount of research (in both the east and the west) which shows individuals (particularly those trained in Taiji and Qigong) can consciously manipulate their bioenergy.

6. The bioelectric energy of one person can affect the brainwave activity of another when the two are in contact or close proximity (but not touching).

Those last two are important for our discussion.

So, based on the above 6 points it isn't really that much of a stretch to imagine that a trained Qigong practitioner could develop the ability to affect others through the use of bioelectromagnetic energy.

The real question is: would such an effect be all that powerful?

Does the "Powerful Empty Force" Live Up to its Name?

I've hinted at this a couple times, but I'll go ahead and be more explicit here:

The Lin Kong Jing isn't all that powerful.

I mean there is a real force - no doubt about that. I've experienced it and I've known many others who have experienced it.

The problem is, for it to work you have to be a passive, cooperative participant to the demonstration. At any point you could easily resist the force.

I have NEVER been a part of or witnessed a believable demonstration by ANYONE claiming to use the Lin Kong Jing ability (or similar ability where the attacker is thrown or moved by Qi) against a determined, non-compliant aggressor.

I'm also pretty damn sure I will never see one and neither will you.

So, then what's the point?

It is my personal belief that the Qigong/Zhan Zhuang and intent training that make up the traditional Lin Kong Jing system aren't meant to bestow "supernatural" powers upon practitioners. Rather the training in this system is meant to build something much more practical.

But that'll have to wait until the next post in this series. :)

Conclusion -

Now, I realize that for a lot of you I've made quite a few claims that really require documentation. I understand that and I have provided a list of links that should help you with further research. I'm not going to spell out everything for you. I want you to come to your own conclusions.

I also understand that it isn't easy to approach material like this with an open mind. Before meeting sifu Dragoo I would have called all this bullshit.

So, I know how you might feel. But I'm confident that if you take a look through the "Suggested Reading" list and really READ the articles you'll see that the topics discussed in this series aren't really all that weird or implausible.

Train Hard,
Josh Skinner

Suggested Reading:






7. I also suggest doing some research into Bioelectromagnetism/Bioelectricity, Human Piezoelectricity, Electrical currents and circuits, as well as Electromagnetism in general.


  1. This has been a really cool series. I can't wait for the third one!

  2. Yeah, I'm waiting to read the conclusion!

  3. It is great to have people with actual experience writing on this subject.

    Now, what if I told you that this Lin(g) Kong Jing is not even the "real" system, but merely a splinter of an ancient, complete, and powerful training method? That the publicly acknowledged American "masters" of this system have, by and large, mistaken the finger for the moon?

    Would you call me crazy? :D

    1. Chris, just what is this ancient, complete powerful training method?

  4. Excellent article! I'm so glad you are approaching this with a logical, open and skeptical mind, much different from people who worship James Randi quoting him constantly. I just started studying one finger zen qigong, and certainly the teacher can make me feel a kind of magnetism, without giving me any "suggestions." I've been hypnotized before, and I'm told a hypnotist cannot make you do anything without a suggestion. I was never told I would feel anything ahead of time.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.