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The Truth About the Lin Kong Jing (part 3)

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                    "The softest things in world overcome the hardest things in the world"
                                                                                        ~ from, The Tao Te Ching

In the last part of this series on the Lin Kong Jing we talked about the relationship between Qi and Bioelectricity.

I also provided significant proof that the bioelectricity (or Qi) of one person could affect the nervous system of another.

During this post I want to discuss the REAL purpose behind Lin Kong Jing training.

We're going to cut through all this superhuman bullshit and look at the real reasons Lin Kong Jing training is important for all martial artists.

"Superman Where Are You Now?"

In part 2 I wrote a few lines that ended up getting me several hate-filled emails. Here's the snippet these people didn't like:

"I have NEVER been a part of or witnessed a believable demonstration by ANYONE claiming to use the Lin Kong Jing ability (or similar ability where an attacker is moved or thrown by Qi) against a determined, non-compliant aggressor. 

I'm also pretty damn sure I will never see one and neither will you."

I write two measly little sentences and end up with like 20 emails telling me how much of an arrogant dumb-ass I am!

And they can all be summed up the same way: "...uuummm, like how do you know there aren't...like, ya' know Shaolin Masters or ninjas or something out there who can knock people out with their Qi? You aren't the world's only authority on the Lin Kong Jing!"

I have two responses for those people:

1) Prove it. - If you make the claim that somewhere out in there, there are "hidden warriors" who do have superhuman abilities, then the burden is on YOU to back up that claim. I'm not saying that these people don't exist either, but the Lin Kong Jing system I was taught doesn't teach anyone to throw people around using "Qi".

2) You're right, I'm not the ONLY authority on the Lin Kong Jing. However, I'm approaching the subject from a very practical standpoint. I'm speaking from personal experience and I do my best to provide research and evidence to support my claims. If you'd rather delve into the more mystical/spiritual/esoteric aspects that's fine, but that isn't what I'm about and that isn't what (Un)Caged Fighter is about.

It isn't like I'm someone trying to "debunk" the Lin Kong Jing. I'm just trying to trying to get rid of all the bullshit surrounding it.

And I'm not the only one who will tell you that Lin Kong Jing training WON'T turn you into Superman.

Sigung Mooney (2000)
Both Sigung Richard Mooney and Sifu Charles Dragoo have mentioned multiple times that the Lin Kong Jing isn't the "ultimate martial arts technique". In fact, Mooney wrote in an article for Kung Fu/Qigong magazine (and a book review on Amazon.com) that the Lin Kong Jing was not an "...end all be all technique." and that the skill didn't work 100% of the time (just like any other technique in a fighter's arsenal).

I think most people miss the point when it comes to the Lin Kong Jing.

When people think of the "Powerful Empty Force" they tend to get an idea in their head that the "Qi" acts like some sort anime-style blast or a Jedi force-push.

People begin to think the Lin Kong Jing is like every other technique and can be used much like a punch or kick - only from a distance and without having to touch the person they're fighting.

Well, truth is, it isn't anything like that at all.

"Dude, You're Shielding!"

To be perfectly honest I once thought that through the training of the Lin Kong Jing I'd end up being able to Ki-Blast the shit out of any would be attacker.


But, over time and with a considerable amount of training and personal research, I have come to believe that the training method for the Lin Kong Jing and the skill itself have a very different purpose.

Based on my training, research, and conversations with my Sifu (Charles Dragoo) I assert that training for the Lin Kong Jing is useful for:

1) Building Physical Strength - Qigong, and in particular Zhan Zhuang (which makes up the majority of Lin Kong Jing training), are known to build significant amounts of physical strength.

This increase in strength is due to the way Qigong improves the function of your nervous system. I'd like to note that Qigong's ability to improve strength has been observed by both researchers (also here, here, and here)* and strength coaches.

Training for increased physical strength is called "Shi Jing" by Lin Kong Jing practitioners and much of the training method has its roots in Xingyiquan and Yiquan.

2) Improved Focus - Because of the various meditative and focal visualizations Lin Kong Jing practitioners get a pretty damn good mental workout.

Practitioners note an improvement in reaction speed, ability to handle stress (particularly in a fight), and ability to relax. All great things for a fighter.

3) Weaken/De-motivate Your Opponent - This is the most "esoteric" benefit of Lin Kong Jing training so bear with me.

In part 2 I established that the "Qi" (bioelectromagnetic energy) of one person can affect the brainwaves and, thus, the mental state of another.

Now, this is an important fact, because if properly trained individuals can consciously control their Qi and project it outside of their bodies at specific targets (which we know they can; also here) then that person can literally influence another on a very subtle (which I don't mean as a synonym for "weak") level.

This can be very useful for the fighter.

You see, it is well documented that electromagnetic radiation that falls within the ELF (extremely low frequency) range has the potential to produce feelings of anxiety, fear, memory loss, weakness/loss of coordination, and even hallucinations in human beings. Primarily due to the fact that the pineal gland and other parts of the brain are sensitive to changes in the electromagnetic field of the surrounding environment.

Can you guess what range the frequency the human bioelectromagnetic field falls within? Yep, the ELF range.

So, it isn't at all out of the question that one human can influence another and cause feelings of fear and anxiety and perhaps even make another physically weaker (even if only slightly).

In fact, we've all experienced that person who just seems to exude negative energy. Every time you interact with this person you feel drained of energy, anxious, and you yourself begin to have negative thoughts and emotions.

Or, perhaps you've had to spar with or fight someone who seems to project nearly unconquerable levels of confidence. You find it difficult to attack and defend against this person; you don't feel as strong, but when fighting or sparring with others you can perform at normal levels.

And that is the key to the Lin Kong Jing!

It's an extra line of defense that sits somewhere between situational awareness and actual fighting techniques.

It helps you win the fight before it even starts.**

And it's in that sense that the "Powerful Empty Force" is "powerful". Not in the overt, over-the-top way most people imagine it.

The power comes from its subtlety.

Start Training!

Alright, so by now you guys should have an understanding of what the Lin Kong Jing REALLY is, how it may work, and why the ability is useful to you as a fighter. At this point I want to start going over the actual Lin Kong Jing training methods.

Most of the material I want to save for the next two posts but today I will go over the introductory Qigong method called "Pushing and Pulling Hands Qigong"

Conclusion -

I'm not the only guy in the world who has trained in the Lin Kong Jing system of martial qigong. But I am one of the few who still talk about the skill. Plus, I'm trying to be as open and honest about it as I can. I'm not here to sell anyone anything ***.

There are still a couple more posts in this series and I want to do my best to address some of the controversies surrounding the Lin Kong Jing and its practitioners.

I also want to make it clear that my view points SEEM to contradict other's who teach and train the Lin Kong Jing. However, it is best to remember that I don't know everything (shocking, right?) and my view points are personal - based on my training and my research.

I have nothing but respect for Sifu Dragoo and Sigung Mooney. In fact, I consider Charles Dragoo to be a friend and confidant. And I gain great value and insight every time I read an article by Sigung Mooney. Where we differ in opinion on the Lin Kong Jing comes down more to semantics than anything else (at least IMO).

Because at the end of the day we all value the Lin Kong Jing for practical application. To quote Sigung Mooney: "[we]...wouldn't practice the art if it didn't work."

Train Hard, 
Josh Skinner


* Note: I cite studies where researchers test the practice of Tai Chi and not specifically Qigong. However, the way researchers had participants engage in Tai Chi it might as well be a Qigong as opposed to a martial art. 

** I've actually used the LKJ in this manner to de-escalate situations with acting-out-individuals back when I worked security. I've also heard similar stories form my sifu and a few of his other students. 

*** Unless of course you are already shopping for something on Amazon. In which case, I would really appreciate if you showed your support for the site and when through my links to purchase whatever it is you need to buy. :)


  1. You need to link Part 4 into the footers of your first three parts of this series.

  2. DONE!

    Now stop sending me nasty emails....j/k

  3. You might want to check out Lama Dondrup Dorje. There seems to be sufficiently believable demonstrations against a determined non-compliant aggressor:
    Though the aggressor is obviously part of the demonstration, the aggressor does seem to attack with full intent of hitting him, not simply responding in compliance to his LKJ. I do not see any way of making a karate expert jump/flip like in the demonstration. The ability to sap the intent of the aggressor is also demonstrated.
    More videos can be found on youtube and here:

    1. Yes, I've met this Lama Dorje (his real name is Dr Peter Young, he's a UK subject) but he uses his Lin Kong Jin only on his disciples! They are sensitive to his energies. He will not use it on others!

      The Founder of Aikido, Master Morihei Uyeshiba (O'sensei) could also throw people without touching them. He only did this on his personal disciples.