Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter Stops Carjacker !

I got this from Bob Patterson's blog, Striking Thoughts:

This guy is a hero!

This video pretty much speaks for itself, but I do have to say I really like the attitude this guy (and his instructor) have: use the martial arts to help yourself and others.

This video also highlights the importance of full-contact, realistic training.

I've trained with BJJ guys in the past and the training is tough. You do a lot of conditioning (both physical and mental) and you do a lot of "free grappling" or rolling - basically sparring for grapplers.

Because of the nature of BJJ you can pretty much go full power and speed most of the time. The techniques allow you to control your training partner without too much risk of seriously hurting him/her.

This is great for realistic training.

It also reminds me that I need to get back into doing more ground/grappling work.

Train Hard,
Josh Skinner


  1. I've actually found I have a bit of a propensity for ground fighting (or at least grappling) over striking. I'm just not as comfortable on my feet with a bit of range between us as I am in close, clinching or on the ground. That said, despite the claims that all (or most) fights end up on the ground, I always thought that BJJ was probably not that practical. I admit that my knowledge and experience of it is limited however, despite how popular it's becoming. I take it you disagree?

    My concern has always been that your options are really limited. In a group situation, being on the ground puts you in a very bad position. And even if you're only fighting with one guy, what you can do there is fairly restricted. They're not exactly going to tap out and then walk away happily - you're either going to have to start breaking bones, in which case you risk a lawsuit, or knock them out. And despite the fact that this guy pulled it off, I wonder how easy it is generally to get them to go to sleep - and have you not restrict the air or blood flow for any longer and risk causing brain damage. From a legal perspective, something about being on the ground and pulling off locks or chokes looks worse (from a "he used his martial arts abilities to do evil!" standpoint) than punching a guy in the head.

  2. To be sure not every situation calls for ground fighting and there are certainly times when when you absolutely don't want to be on the ground.

    But there are other times when you don't want to cave someone else's head in either.

    So, you've to judge your situation and your surroundings.

    This guy made a risky decision and it paid off. But, you're right, it could have ended badly. If this guy had a buddy or two hanging around somewhere, then BJJ guy might be drinking his meals through a straw right now.

    Not to mention the fact that striking simply 'looks' more violent to your average bystander. So, that is another reason to avoid it if possible.

    But to answer your question: I do think BJJ is practical. But it isn't the end all, be all that some make it out to be.

    It has some serious weaknesses. But those weaknesses can be addressed by also developing your striking ability and focusing more on street application than on competition.

    Train Hard,
    Josh Skinner

  3. Good points from both of you. There are definitely times that you do not want to go to the ground. Jiu Jitsu does allow you to control someone on the ground without hurting them.. maybe until help comes for you.

    Putting them to sleep is also an option that can buy you enough time to get away if it is a self defense situation. It leaves no marks, they wake up a little confused and you are long gone.

  4. BJJ is very useful but it isn't the right choice in every fight. I would be more likely to try a takedown and transition to mount for some ground and pound than go for an armlock or choke. Then there is little risk o an eye gouge.

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