Monday, September 19, 2011

Essential Muay Thai Stance Work

Ajarn Paul Delfino in a Muay Thai stance.
So, I've been training with the guys at Raja Muay Thai/Universal Tactics here in Greenville, SC for several months now and I have to say I'm incredibly happy.

It's a great place to train: no egos, no macho/bad-ass attitudes, everyone wants to help each other succeed, and the instructors have a very open-minded view of the martial arts that is very much like my own.

One aspect I really like about training here is the emphasis on stance training and how it can make you a better fighter.

"But Why, Kru?"

It is no secret that I'm a big fan of stance work.

In fact, there are certain places on the internet where I'm known as something of a Zhan Zhuang/Standing Meditation guru.

So, the fact that a portion of each and every Muay Thai class is spent doing some form of stance work is a huge plus in my book.


  • Everything we do as martial artists starts with our basic fighting stance - If your stance is weak then you're weak. To build a strong and agile stance you've got work on it!
  • Stance Training is a versatile tool - it can be used as a form of "sport specific" meditation (Kru Harun Raja frequently talks about getting into a "trance" once after 4 hours of stance work at a Thai Boxing camp), as a method of active rest, and is an essential element to warming up and even cooling down. 
  • Stance Training can Build Muscle - if you do it the right way you'll notice an increase in both upper leg circumference and added definition in your calves. That's a nice little bit icing on the cake, huh?
The Video!

Every martial art has their own fighting stance so I'm not going to delve into the pros and cons of one stance versus another.

 For now we're just gonna stick with the basics of the Muay Thai fighting stance:

(note: watch it a 2nd time and pay special attention to my strange facial expressions ;P There was some stuff going on the background)

As you can see, Muay Thai stance work is very different from Zhan Zhuang style stance work. However, the two are basically different paths to similar destinations.

So, you can do both.


Train Hard, 
Josh Skinner


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  2. I remember when I trained Muay Thai when I was there in Thailand. Thanks.

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  4. I think older muay thai systems is good and it have many styles.

    1. When you say "older muay thai systems", do you mean Muay Boran or Krabi Krabong?

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