Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heavybag Training Videos....

Hey guys!

As many of you know I've been training with the guys at Raja Muay Thai/Universal Tactics here in Greenville, SC for a while now.

Well, this Saturday I'll be testing for rank (white prajiet under the Thai Boxing Association) and to prepare I've been taking some video of some of my training to identify flaws in my technique.

Here's a couple of videos showing me doing some heavybag work:

First video shows me doing a standard 2 min. round with gloves -

Next video is really just a conditioning round (toughen my knuckles, work on "cardio", ect...) -

So...what do you guys think?

What do I need to work on?

Thanks in advance for the input!

Train Hard,
Josh Skinner

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  1. You and your coach would have a way better idea than me about what you need to work on, so I won't even bother trying to give you advice. What I will say is you're looking seriously strong - those kicks in particular look pretty devastating. Awesome stuff, and good luck with your grading.