Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brain Power = Punching Power!

 I just came across this interesting article:

Powerful Punch is All in the Brain, Study Finds

Pretty neat stuff, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to the regulars here: Repetitive practice creates far more neurological adaptations than "muscular adaptations".

Let me know what you guys think.

Train Hard,
Josh Skinner

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  1. As you said, not all that surprising. Although I think the article title itself stating "all" in the brain is a little misleading. I'm fairly certain that muscular strength still plays a role - but this is key in pointing out that just because someone is big doesn't necessarily mean they will hit all that hard.

    On that note, I would love to see a comparison across the whole range - weak non-fighters, strong non-fighters, weak fighters, strong fighters - and see how punching power comes out. Of course the sample size would need to be very large to account for the wide potential for personal differences, but I think it'd be really interesting.

  2. The fist is not the fist the body/mind is the fist.