Thursday, August 23, 2012

My First Knockdown Karate Fight!

On 8-18-12 I competed in Shidokan Atlanta's Knockdown Karate event.

Everyone at Shidokan Atlanta was awesome (lots of Southern Hospitatlity), all the competitors were respectful and humble, and the event itself was well organized.

Although I didn't win my fight, I had a great time. I am really looking forward to attending other events put on by Richard Trammell and Shidokan Atlanta.

Here's how the day went down:

Hardcore Karate - 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Knockdown Karate please understand that this type of fighting isn't point or continuous sparring - it is full contact fighting. 

Basically, Knockdown Karate is like full contact kickboxing while wearing a Gi, except you can't punch your opponent in the face (kicks and knees to the head are permissible, however). 

So, during this tournament there were two different divisions: Semi-Knockdown and Knockdown. The only difference being that in the Semi-Knockdown division fighters wear MMA gloves, head gear, and shin guards while the Knockdown division is bare knuckle.

Though, I want you guys to keep in mind that "Semi-Knockdown" Karate is a bit of misnomer - these fighters fight very hard and you'd have to be one tough mofo to even think about competing in it.

How'd I Do?

Well, like I said earlier I didn't win my fight.

I was one of only two guys who showed up to compete in the men's Knockdown division. My opponent was a very talented combat athlete from the Atlanta area, Eric Heegaard. 

Being my first Knockdown Karate event (and only my second combat sports event since a Toughman Contest almost 3 years ago) I didn't really know what to expect.

Though I managed to hold my own, I clearly made some serious newbie mistakes.

Number one being: I need to keep my damn hands up! This has been an issue for me for a while and this fight has really driven home the idea that I need to do a much better job guarding my skull.

Number two: I need to get much better at checking those low kicks. My left leg is STILL hurting from this fight. I'm literally hobbling around like I've been crippled.

So, for the next event I'll make sure I'm better prepared.

Check out the videos below to see how I did:

Almost got knocked out this round...that would've sucked!

Pretty tired here...

What's Next?

Like I've said before I had a blast at this tournament and I look forward to future events from Shidokan Atlanta. 

When I talked with Sensei Richard Trammell, he told me that they would like to start doing a large annual tournament and some smaller events during the year.

I'm all for that!

Richard Trammell and all the guys at Shidokan Atlanta were awesome and I look forward to learning from and fighting with them in the future. 

Train Hard, 
Josh Skinner


  1. I've had the honor of being able to train and compete with Mr. Trammell's guys. They are a great bunch of folks - good martial artists and good people. Osu!

  2. Great stuff, and respect for going out! You just played the more experienced guys game. i think kyokushin style (stay close with barrage of low kicks and punches) would have been the best against him.

  3. Mad respect. Have you considered the Kuo Shu Lei Tai tournaments? Sounds like similar rules in Semi-Knockdown.

    I'm hoping to do Bando tournaments next year, I'm definitely not even close to ready for the one in November.