Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Floor Bag for Solo Grappling Training

The floor bag is an excellent tool for training grappling solo.
In a perfect world, we'd always have access to a willing and able training partner. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world and many of us are forced to spend part of our time training alone.

While this may not be a huge deal for a striker who can always work on the heavy bag or do some shadowboxing, it is kind of a big deal for a grappler (or mixed martial artist working on his ground game) who's art relies almost exclusively on partner work.

You could do solo drills on the mat, but without some sort of implement to stand in for a live partner those drills can feel a bit empty. Luckily there exists a very simple, very cheap tool you can obtain right now: a Floor Bag.

What is a Floor Bag? -

At its most basic, a floor bag is nothing more than a heavy bag that's sitting on your floor with the mounting chains removed. You can find specially made floor bags of various shapes and sizes. Some are even person-shaped with arms and legs you can manipulate. But these grappling dummies are gonna cost you a lot more than a simple used heavy bag - so, keep that in mind.

What's great about the floor bag is it can simulate the "body" of a training partner allowing you to apply real pressure and giving you an obstacle to actually move around - something "shadow grappling" on the mat can't simulate. Working solo drills with a floor bag adds an extra element of realism that will translate well into your technique when you can get back to training with a partner again.

In the video below I demonstrate a very simple floor bag "flow" that combines a couple different drills (both submission and ground & pound) into a workable routine. This should give you an idea of how you can structure other routines and "flows" yourself.

My Floor Bag Flow -
1. Guard Pass to  side mount & kimura attempt
2. Knee on belly & strike
3. Mount & Strike
4. Stabilize yourself as your opponent tries to buck you off
5. Knee On belly & strike
6. Side mount & kimura attempt
7. Back to your opponent's guard

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